Millionaire Mind : How To Think Rich To Get Rich,

Do you ever wish you had a millionaire mind?

Do you think that money can solve all your problems?

A lot of people fantasize about that. Just imagine: Bills, poof! Debt, poof! Worry, poof! But in reality, the creation of wealth is just one result of a bigger change: a fundamental shift in the way you think. When you think like a millionaire, a lot more changes than the size of the bills in your wallet.

Just as there are 'outer' laws of money - the ones that regulate how it's made and exchange, there are 'inner' laws as well. The 'inner' laws consist of your beliefs about money.

Money is more important in our lives than most people want to believe - and guess what? People who choose to believe it isn't important tend not to have any of it. People who recognize its power learn how to attract it and use that power well.

No baby is born with ideas about money, unless you want to count the desire to put it in one's mouth.

As young children, we learned about money from the people around us. Because people's beliefs and feelings about money are strong, they taught us well. We developed strong inner laws. But even though these laws are strong, they can also be changed.

If you can acknowledge that money is a form of power - one that you wish to use wisely - than you can and will find the ways to change your inner laws, and develop new ones that are even stronger. Luckily, we have the ability to change how we think and in so doing, deeply affect our lives and our finances.

In the following articles we will investigate the tips and techniques that will allow you to change your thoughts about money and your relationships with finance.

Soon we'll discuss the ways that millionaires think about money. In these first three articles, though, let's talk a little more specifically about the ways in which your current inner laws were formed.

The patterns we learn as a child are not broken until we understand them, decide to change them, and then with intent, make whatever effort is necessary to create a new pattern of behavior instead. These patterns are created in three ways: direct instruction, modeling and specific incidents.

All of us received direct instruction about money as children. All this means is that people talked to us about money. Perhaps they said things like, "Money is the root of all evil," or "Money doesn't grow on trees." Phrases like "filthy rich" or "stinking rich" sent us a powerful message about money.

The well-meaning adults who said these things to us were our "wealth" educators... but it's worth noting that they were not wealthy educators with a millionaire mindset. If they were wealthy, they certainly wouldn't have spoken about money that way!

Most people cannot see past their own financial circumstances. Even though they know on some level that many rich people are also good people and do wonderful things for others with their money, they can't let go of their prejudices against wealth or their fears of failure.

The adults in your life who were themselves blocked from wealth also "vaccinated" you against financial growth.

Millionaire men and women are people who have learned to change their internal 'financial blueprint'. Like them, you can look at how thoughts and ideas about money are learned, rather than being concretely true for everyone. You can see that they are in you, but they are not you.

You can choose to think differently and you can make that choice right now.

Once you have started to take apart the old ideas that held you where you were, you are well on your way to possessing a millionaire mind. In the next two articles we will discuss further how your old inner laws were created - and then we will begin to build your new ones.