Five Core Steps to Become a Millionaire

Do you think you could learn the steps to become a millionaire? Don't you love to fantasize about what it would be like to be rich? It's a fun fantasy. And the reality is even better. Everyone thinks they want to be a millionaire, but few think about how the money making might actually make it happen. Most people don't think to learn what's involved. A lot of ordinary people think of becoming a millionaire as something that involves extraordinary talents and/or luck. But they're wrong.

Using the following essential five steps, hundreds of people have reached their financial goals. People with a tower of credit card debt have paid off every cent, then gone on to build up appreciable savings. People who worked at McDonald's have become CEOs of their own corporations. People who never seemed to catch a break before learned how to make their own - lots of them. Every kind of person you can imagine has found their way to being a millionaire.

You didn't learn much about good money management in school. Nobody does. Perhaps a few of you had savvy parents who showed you how to build wealth - but not many. Our society tends to focus on how to get by and keep your head down. We don't have a culture of wealth, despite the several examples of self made millionaires all around us. These millionaires all have one thing in common - a set of skills that help keep them on track as they create wealth. An awful lot of people would be millionaires today if they had been taught the necessary skill set early in life. Luckily, it's not too late to start.

Getting from zero to a million all starts with these five steps to become a millionaire:

  • Imagination
  • A Plan for Wealth Creation
  • Mindfulness
  • A Team Approach
  • Fortitude


To create wealth in real life, you need to create it first in your mind, you need to have a millionaire mindset. First, really think about what life with more than enough money would be like. Create that place of comfort and abundance in our mind. Perhaps it includes a luxury lifestyle, or perhaps it simply looks comfortable, happy, and debt-free. Now, all you will have to do is build a bridge between here and there. Think about the things you say that block you from building wealth, like "if I could really do that, I would have done it before now!" No, you wouldn't have, because you hadn't yet started building these skills. Put those thoughts down, and turn your energy to building the bridge.

A Plan for Wealth Creation

Just trying hard isn't enough, and wanting it isn't enough, and hoping isn't enough. To achieve wealth, you must have a plan. Actually, you must have several plans - a one year plan, a three year plan, etc. If you don't make a map, you won't get you your destination. This step is where a good wealth coach comes into the picture. Someone who has not only gone through the process of creating a wealth cycle for himself but has supported dozens or hundreds of other people doing the same will be able to help you clarify your strengths and abilities for long term wealth. Think of the coach as a shortcut.


Millionaires count their big bills, they count their little bills, and they count all of their spare change. Wealthy people didn't get that way being careless about money. A mindful wealth-builder knows about every penny that comes in, and accounts carefully for every penny that goes out. Do you know where your money goes now? If not, it's time to learn how to track it efficiently. Start to write down all your expenses. You might want to create a pie chart to get a visual picture of where the money goes. Then you can use that tool to evaluate what expenses to cut and which ones to keep. You also have to know exactly where you are now in terms of income and debts to plan your move from that spot towards wealth.

A Team Approach

Nobody ever made a million dollars without any help. A wealthy person needs a team of carefully chosen professionals - lawyers, wealth coaches, accountants, tax strategists, mentors, etc. who work for and with you. Professional guidance is key to success. You also won't get too far if you're busy re-inventing the wheel - many people have been there and done this before you, and it would be silly not to take advantage of their wisdom. A wealth coach can both guide you with his expertise and connect you with other wealth-builders whose experiences will complement your own.


"Fortitude" means that you are committed to your goals - committed enough to be patient about the time it takes to get there. It won't happen quickly. But it will happen. Sometimes, especially towards the beginning, it will feel like you are working awfully hard for the amount of progress you are making. Like a heavy wheel, though, your fortunes will need hard pushing to move in the right direction. With fortitude on your side, the journey of a thousand steps starts and ends with strong, sure feet.

Although we have only scratched the surface here these five steps to become a millionaire are a quick overview of the necessary elements to building wealth. Think of them as the subjects millionaire men and millionaire women study in the University of Wealth Building. Once you have appealed to your imagination to create a vision of the life you want, you can form a plan for wealth creation. With mindfulness and a team approach, and especially with fortitude, you CAN follow through with your plan and become a success. Along the way, you will develop many skills common to self made millionaires the world over.