41 Ways to Become a Millionaire

There are many ways to become a millionaire. The majority of average people that become rich do it through real estate, their own small business, the stock market, or are super salespeople. They are average in the way that they aren't any smarter than the average person or have any special talent or skill. What those ordinary people have that makes them millionaires and similar men on the street bums is they possess a different mindset, attitude, knowledge, persistence, and take consistent action. Yes, it's that simple. Some people that are reading this may have special talents and skills or are wondering what routes they can take to become a millionaire the following is a short list of 41 ways to become a millionaire. There are countless ways, if you want to become a millionaire; first you need to set your mind to it. Commit to it and ask yourself what price are you willing to pay or sacrifices you'll make to get there. Theres no free lunch or ride!

There is no such thing as get rich quick or get rich overnight. Those are scams; dont believe anyone that tells you that you can become a millionaire without knowledge and some work. To make it easier to get to where you want to go, find work that is fun and enjoyable. Do something that you love to do, so that it isnt work but play and fun. And never give up!

41 Ways to Become a Millionaire:

  • Real Estate (Mobile Homes, SFH, Commercial, Apartments, Duplexes)
  • Stock Market Investor
  • Own an Internet Business
  • Network Marketing (often referred to as MLM or multi-level marketing)
  • Write a New York Times Bestseller (can be fiction or non-fiction)
  • Become a celebrity (ex: movie star or comedian, top athlete, corrupt politician)
  • Sought after Surgeon (ex: heart, brain, etc.)
  • An extremely good lawyer (theres a bunch of starving lawyers out there)
  • Venture Capitalist
  • Mortgage/Note Investor (referred to as investing in Paper)
  • Small Business Owner
  • Franchise Owner
  • Marrying a millionaire
  • Movie Producer/director
  • Executive positions such as CEO, Treasurer, COO, CFO, etc. in large corporations
  • Collector of valuable antiques or paintings
  • Musician/rock star
  • Inheritance (very easy way, pick your parents carefully)
  • Start a Technology company to fill a demand/solve a problem etc.
  • Be a seminar/motivational speaker or guru
  • Sell Infomercial products
  • Forex or Currency trader
  • Commodities Trader
  • Option or stock day trader
  • Scientist (head scientist, not the assistant)
  • Own a Winning Sports Team
  • 5% of millionaires are super salespeople
  • Financial Advisors with wealthy clients
  • Coaches of Sports Teams
  • Gambling/Lottery or World Series of Poker Tournament
  • Inventor
  • Annuities Sales
  • Top TV Anchor or News reporter
  • Super Model
  • Fashion Designer
  • Famous song writer
  • Famous screenwriter
  • Consultant (any type of consultant, as long as youre in demand and clients are willing to pay big bucks for it)
  • Celebrity Trainer
  • Nascar racecar driver (wouldnt hurt to win it)
  • Betting on horse races (you might want to win the bet on that one too)

All of the above routes are just vehicles to use to become a millionaire. There are countless ways to become a millionaire. You can become a millionaire in almost anything, the key is leverage, work smart and come up with a solid business plan. Then work your plan dilligently and stay on course. Obviously you can't become a millionaire working for others; it's very rare, unless you're a top executive.

But don't worry, if you're working for someone right now you can still become rich. Are you young and in your twenties? You can invest a portion of your money every year (at least $2,000) into a secure investment that pays 10-12% a year and do it consistently for at least 25-30 years and you'll automatically become a millionaire by the time you retire. Anyone can save that little bit of money if you really have the will. Cut out magazine subscriptions, newspaper (read it online), eat out less often, rent movies instead going to see it, stop smoking, don't buy candy, etc.

You're probably thinking, "How am I going to find a safe investment that pays 10-12% interest a year?" Good question, because there's many investments out there that pay that kind of interest.

It's not buying stocks blindly and throwing your money in mutual funds or the stock market without any clue of what you're getting into. Most people lose money when they invest in stocks because they don't know anything about the market and just buy the stocks their broker recommends.

Examples of investments that pay 10-12% a year and are relatively safe are tax liens, mortgage notes, private loans to real estate investors backed by real estate, etc. And there are many more ways out there to find good investments. The key is to know where to look and what to look for.

Also, you need to educate yourself, by that I don't mean getting any more degrees. I mean an education in finance by reading more and learning from successful people by finding out what they do and where they invest. Go to seminars and workshops. Learn about trusts, estates, asset protection, life insurance, wealth strategies. It's well worth it if you can retire early with lots of money.