How To Become A Millionaire: 10 Mandates To Get To A Million

#1 Start saving and investing early.

The younger you are, the greater your chance of making a million if you start saving and investing early! The power of compounding is on your side.

#2 Know that any type of work or business can make you rich if it has a market.

Any line of work can potentially make you a millionaire if you’re successful at it, and especially if you’re really good at it. Your skills, if they answer a strong demand, could be your ticket to big things. Many of the wealthy are people who excel at what they do — whether it be in sports, entertainment, sales, real estate, business, art, engineering, writing.

#3 Make some money by doing something you like to do.

If you enjoy what you do, the chances of you becoming great at your chosen area of work will increase. It bears repeating that if you are in a marketable line of work or calling, you have the opportunity to rise to the top and conceivably make very good money.

#4 Enter the field you want to be in and find out what’s marketable about it.

Strategically work towards the goal of breaking into a marketable career. For example, you can start out in food preparation. But then build your experience and learn the business as best as you can so that one day you may start something on your own.

#5 Help yourself succeed with the following traits:

positive mindset, can-do attitude, willingness to learn, knowledgeability, persistence, determination, passion and being action-oriented.

#6 Be willing to make sacrifices and to reset priorities.

Stop spending, watch your budget and set aside some money. Try to find some inspiration to help you through the financial challenges. Look into other people’s success stories and take encouragement from their own experiences.

#7 Don’t buy into the belief that you can get rich overnight.

The only way you can do so is by being lucky. You can have a windfall fall on your lap tomorrow, but that would be lady fortune smiling upon you — a chance event. Lotteries and casinos are obvious crap shoots. If someone offers you the formula to get rich tomorrow with very little work all for a “small” fee, run away. It’s a scam.

#8 Learn all you can about finance.
Don’t invest blindly. Read up on it, learn how other successful people have made it and do the research via books, the web, workshops, classes or seminars.

#9 Learn all you can about business, if you want to become an entrepreneur.

Don’t get into business blindly. Learn how to run, operate and manage a business before you take on that risk. There are many people with specific talents who entered into business and failed. That’s because it’s not enough to be able to cultivate an idea or a skill, you’ll also need to know something about business before starting one. Either you have the head for business, or get a partner who does.

#10 Know the rest of the wealth formula, realizing that making money is just the first step to success.

Make money: this is obvious. You have to start somewhere, after all.
Grow your money: Your money has to work for you as well. So learn how to make it grow.
Preserve it, keep it, protect it: this is one element often overlooked in conventional financial advice because it’s not as exciting as the “making” and “growing” steps. But this is a whole realm of finance you’ll want to keep abreast of to be able to grasp the big picture. Some topics on this cover trusts, estate planning, asset protection, insurance and other wealth preservation strategies.

Learn What It Really Takes To Become An Internet Millionaire.

The ultimate factors that decide your Internet business journey and success has little to do with the techniques you use or the programs you join.

The internet is an information marketplace. People buy and sell thoughts, ideas, in digital form. Internet millionaires notice opportunities, make plans, and organize the tools and people necessary to make them successful...

Each tutorial below represents a fundamental element of what it takes to become successful online.

Internet Millionaire Tutorials:

• What is an internet millionaire?

What is an internet millionaire? A millionaire is someone who has a million dollars, right? Well, it's a little more complicated than that…

• Internet Marketing Secret: What Makes An Internet Millionaire

There is no internet marketing secret that can help you without three VERY IMPORTANT factors...

• The Skills You Need To Be The Next Internet Millionaire

Will you be the next internet millionaire? Your path to success is created by knowledge and skills in the following 5 realms of expertise…

• Investing In You As The Next Millionaire

What to really invest in throughout your online business journey, It is NOT your business, not your product, not your domain name... and NOT your mailing list, either!

• Online Millionaires That Work For Free

Giving something away for free gives YOU a chance to prove your worth. Read more about why this is one of the great strategies about the businesses of online millionaires.

• Selling Your Way To Internet Millions

The one skill you must be a master of, otherwise the rest of your Internet Marketing and millionaire journey is doomed to end earlier than you expected!

• Work More For Online Millions? No!

If you are considering beginning a business to earn an online million, it's important to look for ways to increase your profit WHILE minimizing your workload…

Millionaire Mind : How To Think Rich To Get Rich,

Do you ever wish you had a millionaire mind?

Do you think that money can solve all your problems?

A lot of people fantasize about that. Just imagine: Bills, poof! Debt, poof! Worry, poof! But in reality, the creation of wealth is just one result of a bigger change: a fundamental shift in the way you think. When you think like a millionaire, a lot more changes than the size of the bills in your wallet.

Just as there are 'outer' laws of money - the ones that regulate how it's made and exchange, there are 'inner' laws as well. The 'inner' laws consist of your beliefs about money.

Money is more important in our lives than most people want to believe - and guess what? People who choose to believe it isn't important tend not to have any of it. People who recognize its power learn how to attract it and use that power well.

No baby is born with ideas about money, unless you want to count the desire to put it in one's mouth.

As young children, we learned about money from the people around us. Because people's beliefs and feelings about money are strong, they taught us well. We developed strong inner laws. But even though these laws are strong, they can also be changed.

If you can acknowledge that money is a form of power - one that you wish to use wisely - than you can and will find the ways to change your inner laws, and develop new ones that are even stronger. Luckily, we have the ability to change how we think and in so doing, deeply affect our lives and our finances.

In the following articles we will investigate the tips and techniques that will allow you to change your thoughts about money and your relationships with finance.

Soon we'll discuss the ways that millionaires think about money. In these first three articles, though, let's talk a little more specifically about the ways in which your current inner laws were formed.

The patterns we learn as a child are not broken until we understand them, decide to change them, and then with intent, make whatever effort is necessary to create a new pattern of behavior instead. These patterns are created in three ways: direct instruction, modeling and specific incidents.

All of us received direct instruction about money as children. All this means is that people talked to us about money. Perhaps they said things like, "Money is the root of all evil," or "Money doesn't grow on trees." Phrases like "filthy rich" or "stinking rich" sent us a powerful message about money.

The well-meaning adults who said these things to us were our "wealth" educators... but it's worth noting that they were not wealthy educators with a millionaire mindset. If they were wealthy, they certainly wouldn't have spoken about money that way!

Most people cannot see past their own financial circumstances. Even though they know on some level that many rich people are also good people and do wonderful things for others with their money, they can't let go of their prejudices against wealth or their fears of failure.

The adults in your life who were themselves blocked from wealth also "vaccinated" you against financial growth.

Millionaire men and women are people who have learned to change their internal 'financial blueprint'. Like them, you can look at how thoughts and ideas about money are learned, rather than being concretely true for everyone. You can see that they are in you, but they are not you.

You can choose to think differently and you can make that choice right now.

Once you have started to take apart the old ideas that held you where you were, you are well on your way to possessing a millionaire mind. In the next two articles we will discuss further how your old inner laws were created - and then we will begin to build your new ones.

17 Wealth Secrets On Developing A Millionaire Mind

Having a millionaire mind is definately the most important first step in becoming a millionaire. You should never start a business or get into a money making venture without first having a millionaire mindset.

The right mindset, more than anything else, can make a millionaire - or, in the absence of it, fail to make one.

What is your state of mind when you think about money and wealth? Do you think like a millionaire? Do you know what a millionaire thinks like? If not, here are a series of tutorials of some of the basic concepts involved:

Millionaire Mind Tutorials:
• Millionaire Mind : How to think rich to get rich.
Discover some fundamental millionaire mind tips and techniques that will allow you to change your thoughts about money and your relationships with finance.

• Why modelling is essential in developing a millionaire mind?
Does your parents modelled behaviour effect your current financial life? Find this out and if they do, how you can overcome it.

• How can specific incidents control your financial future?
Learn why specific incidents around money you experienced as a child have affected your thinking about money and getting more of it.

• Wealth File #1
Discover why rich people believe “I create my life, and why poor people believe “Life happens to me.”

• Wealth File #2
Learn why rich people play the money game to win, and why poor people play the money game not to lose.

• Wealth File #3
Do you know why rich people are fully committed to being rich and why poor people only want to be rich? This is one of those millionaire secrets you must know…

• Wealth File #4
Do you want to know the secrets of millionaires? You already know that the wealthy think differently from the poor - about money, taking risks, and even life in general. The most striking difference, of course, is how they think about…

• Wealth File #5
Which are you more likely to notice in your life, obstacles or opportunities? Learn how this affects your financial life.

• Wealth File #6
According to internationally acclaimed wealth coach T. Harv Eker, there is an ancient system of wisdom and magic in Hawaii called Huna… Learn what this wisdom is and why rich people admire other rich and successful people while poor people resent rich and successful people.

• Wealth File #7
If you are committed to being your own millionaire maker, there is no gift you can give yourself better than…

• Wealth File #8
If you want to be wealthy, you need to be comfortable with selling. Period. That's true whether you're selling a product, a service, or yourself. How will people know you do great work if you don't promote yourself...?

• Wealth File #9
The path to riches is full of twists, turns and drop-offs. That's why most people don't take it. They're scared of the risks and potential problems. People who stay poor avoid these problems - but they also stay broke and unhappy...

• Wealth File #10
Wealth guru T Harv Ecker says at his Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar that he is always amazed by the ways that people seem to resist abundance…Discover why some people seem to notice and grab opportunities, while others seem blind to them…

• Wealth File #11
"The automatic millionaire". Sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Wouldn't you like to get paid automatically, to become wealthy for doing... nothing? As incredible as that sounds, it's the basis of income building for wealthy people all over the world.

• Wealth File #12
Have you heard about the millionaire next door? No? Well, he could be you. 3 MUST know tips…

• Wealth File #13
Rich people focus on their net worth. Poor people focus on their working income. Read on to find out why…

• Wealth File #14
Rich people aren't smarter than poor people. But they do have a set of specific skills that poor people don't have. Fnd out what these skills are…

• Wealth File #15
Discover why poor people work hard for their money and how rich people have their money work hard for them using their million dollar idea.

• Wealth File #16
Whether you take your risks in millionaire real estate or other ventures, one thing will always be true…

• Wealth File #17
Have you wondered why we want you to be rich? What's the benefit to a rich person in helping someone else become rich...?

Five Core Steps to Become a Millionaire

Do you think you could learn the steps to become a millionaire? Don't you love to fantasize about what it would be like to be rich? It's a fun fantasy. And the reality is even better. Everyone thinks they want to be a millionaire, but few think about how the money making might actually make it happen. Most people don't think to learn what's involved. A lot of ordinary people think of becoming a millionaire as something that involves extraordinary talents and/or luck. But they're wrong.

Using the following essential five steps, hundreds of people have reached their financial goals. People with a tower of credit card debt have paid off every cent, then gone on to build up appreciable savings. People who worked at McDonald's have become CEOs of their own corporations. People who never seemed to catch a break before learned how to make their own - lots of them. Every kind of person you can imagine has found their way to being a millionaire.

You didn't learn much about good money management in school. Nobody does. Perhaps a few of you had savvy parents who showed you how to build wealth - but not many. Our society tends to focus on how to get by and keep your head down. We don't have a culture of wealth, despite the several examples of self made millionaires all around us. These millionaires all have one thing in common - a set of skills that help keep them on track as they create wealth. An awful lot of people would be millionaires today if they had been taught the necessary skill set early in life. Luckily, it's not too late to start.

Getting from zero to a million all starts with these five steps to become a millionaire:

  • Imagination
  • A Plan for Wealth Creation
  • Mindfulness
  • A Team Approach
  • Fortitude


To create wealth in real life, you need to create it first in your mind, you need to have a millionaire mindset. First, really think about what life with more than enough money would be like. Create that place of comfort and abundance in our mind. Perhaps it includes a luxury lifestyle, or perhaps it simply looks comfortable, happy, and debt-free. Now, all you will have to do is build a bridge between here and there. Think about the things you say that block you from building wealth, like "if I could really do that, I would have done it before now!" No, you wouldn't have, because you hadn't yet started building these skills. Put those thoughts down, and turn your energy to building the bridge.

A Plan for Wealth Creation

Just trying hard isn't enough, and wanting it isn't enough, and hoping isn't enough. To achieve wealth, you must have a plan. Actually, you must have several plans - a one year plan, a three year plan, etc. If you don't make a map, you won't get you your destination. This step is where a good wealth coach comes into the picture. Someone who has not only gone through the process of creating a wealth cycle for himself but has supported dozens or hundreds of other people doing the same will be able to help you clarify your strengths and abilities for long term wealth. Think of the coach as a shortcut.


Millionaires count their big bills, they count their little bills, and they count all of their spare change. Wealthy people didn't get that way being careless about money. A mindful wealth-builder knows about every penny that comes in, and accounts carefully for every penny that goes out. Do you know where your money goes now? If not, it's time to learn how to track it efficiently. Start to write down all your expenses. You might want to create a pie chart to get a visual picture of where the money goes. Then you can use that tool to evaluate what expenses to cut and which ones to keep. You also have to know exactly where you are now in terms of income and debts to plan your move from that spot towards wealth.

A Team Approach

Nobody ever made a million dollars without any help. A wealthy person needs a team of carefully chosen professionals - lawyers, wealth coaches, accountants, tax strategists, mentors, etc. who work for and with you. Professional guidance is key to success. You also won't get too far if you're busy re-inventing the wheel - many people have been there and done this before you, and it would be silly not to take advantage of their wisdom. A wealth coach can both guide you with his expertise and connect you with other wealth-builders whose experiences will complement your own.


"Fortitude" means that you are committed to your goals - committed enough to be patient about the time it takes to get there. It won't happen quickly. But it will happen. Sometimes, especially towards the beginning, it will feel like you are working awfully hard for the amount of progress you are making. Like a heavy wheel, though, your fortunes will need hard pushing to move in the right direction. With fortitude on your side, the journey of a thousand steps starts and ends with strong, sure feet.

Although we have only scratched the surface here these five steps to become a millionaire are a quick overview of the necessary elements to building wealth. Think of them as the subjects millionaire men and millionaire women study in the University of Wealth Building. Once you have appealed to your imagination to create a vision of the life you want, you can form a plan for wealth creation. With mindfulness and a team approach, and especially with fortitude, you CAN follow through with your plan and become a success. Along the way, you will develop many skills common to self made millionaires the world over.

12 Steps on How to Be a Millionaire

What do you have to do to be a millionaire? Well, you could always start by being a billionaire! Yeah, we know... bad joke. But no, on a more serious note.., there are two ways you can move financially: up and down.

If you earn less than you spend, you're moving in the wrong direction. If the reverse is true, you're moving in the right direction. If you continue to move in the right direction, you can achieve financial freedom and if you focus on your goals and continue to build wealth, you can eventually become a millionaire.

Besides the basic starting assets - time, energy and money - here are 12 how-to steps to become a millionaire:

Step 1:

Define what it really means to you to be a millionaire. Does it mean you own a million dollars worth of real estate outright? Does it mean having a million dollars in available cash? Does it mean you own a million dollar portable empire online? Or something else? Decide this for yourself first, before anything else. This way you'll know what you're working towards.

Step 2:

Take a look at where you are are now. What skills and assets do you already have that you can make use of? What do you have to do or learn to start being a wealth builder? Regardless of your circumstances, you will be taking a common path to reach your goal, along with other wealth builders, you just need to find out what you need to do to get on that path?

Step 3:

Bring in the cash! Find a way to make money. First you need to take care of your basic needs, and the basic needs of your family if you have one. A job is one obvious way to make money, although you could also be self employed in some capacity. As long as you have enough consistent income to get your needs met plus a little, you're on your way.

Step 4:

Bring in some more money! Shoot for a promotion at work, or find a better paying job, or start earning extra money on the side. There are many opportunities for making money out there. Keep your mind on how you can enhance your earning potential and bring in a little bit more. This is how to make just a bit of cash in the short run, and also how to make millions in the long run.

Step 5:

Spend money, yes, but just a little! Live below your means. One of the hardest parts of building wealth is putting off having luxuries today so you can have financial security AND luxuries in the future. Money invested early in life will multiply later on. Down the road, when people you are friends with today are wishing they could afford to retire, you'll BE retired - and set for the rest of your life.

Step 6:

Start with solid investments, then move gradually to higher risk ones. No investment is risk-free, but many standard investments, like CDs (certificates of deposit), are low risk with a reasonable return. Once you have more money to risk, use some of the excess to play for higher stakes.

Step 7:

Keep increasing your income and your investments. This is what we really call a million dollar idea! It may sound hard, but all it really means is that you'll keep building your skills, and keep getting the benefit. If you are employed, seek a raise every year. If you can't get that, look around for a better opportunity.Then the more money you bring in, the more you put out into investments so that you build real wealth for the future.

Step 8:

Make friends with the concept of compound interest. If you invest four thousand dollars at the end of the year, you have... four thousand dollars at the end of the year. If you invest $333.33 each month of the year, though, at the end of the year you'll have 4149.93. You've created money. Now take that whole equation times ten. Times one hundred. Times one thousand. These are the kinds of numbers a millionaire juggles.

Step 9:

Pay down your credit card debt. That doesn't mean get rid of your credit cards. Go ahead and use them for as many standing expenses as you can - but pay them off every single month. That will build your credit rating, enabling you to get better deals in the future. Remember, though, that credit card companies understand compound interest very well, and they get a better deal on their investments than you do. Your debt is their investment. Don't give it to them.

Step 10:

Put yourself out there! If you really want to be a millionaire, you probably want to do it sooner rather than later. Push towards your goals. Find ways to make more money. Find ways to save more money. Find ways to invest money more intelligently. Each little bit, every little step helps you along the path to wealth.

Step 11:

Use these steps together. In the first year let's say you earn a $40,000 salary and invested 10% of that on a monthly basis. End result: $4,149.93. In the second year you increase your salary to $44,000. You invest 10% on a monthly basis, coupled with earnings on the $4,149.93 already saved. Result: $ 9,059.30. Not too impressive yet. But after just 10 years of saving in the same manner, you would have invested $63,749 and a bit, and would have a cash balance of $91,320. Not bad, but still not a million! After 20 years of consistent saving and investment, you would have input $229,097 and would have $439,562. Almost halfway there! After 26.25 years on the same course, Input: $ 448,640. Available: just a little over a million dollars. There you go. If you started when you were twenty, you'll be a millionaire at forty-six with the option to retire.

Step 12:

Keep on doing what you're doing. As you continue to build wealth and get closer to your goals, you will feel pleased with your progress and eventually you'll have a million dollars. Depending on how you want to spend the rest of your life, though, you might want to have more. Every small step that you take now will affect where you are twenty, thirty, forty years down the road. You can absolutely be a millionaire. You might decide to shoot for billionaire. That will be your choice. Be consistent, take advantage of compound interest as much as possible, and just enjoy the journey getting there.

Become a Millionaire, Develop These Wealthy Habits.

Becoming a millionaire is not easy, but fundamentally it is not very hard either. Learn to develop these habits of millionaires and you will become rich automatically.

There are actually no secrets on how to become a millionaire, but that's because self-made millionaires were born with a preconditioned mindset that allowed them to become rich. Along the way, they simply have developed particular wealth creation habits that have allowed them to create income streams and accumulate wealth faster than the average person. Nothing they do is by any means rocket science, they are just determined, have a vision and have the patience to realize that wealth is created and built over time. They have simply programmed themselves to become millionaires. Here's how:

Millionaires Don't Carry Bad Debt: Self-made millionaires realize that in order to become a millionaire, you cannot accumulate money fast enough if you have outstanding debt. Most investments will not come close to beating a 22% interest rate on a credit card. Therefore revolving debt must be paid down before it is possible to get ahead.

Millionaires See Long Term: When you look at how powerful compound interest really is, and understand the time value of money, you realize the importance of being a long-term investor. The longer you are in the market, the more often your money will double, and the greater the chance to become a millionaire.

Millionaires are Risk Takers: Self-made millionaires have the tolerance to take some managed risk. When they see opportunities that have an upside potential that far outweighs the potential loss, they jump on those opportunities. However, they learned to become a millionaire by limiting their risk in order to reduce the chance potential losses and accelerate their wealth creation.

Millionaires Realize the Importance of Income: Obviously the more money you can make, the wealthier you can get. But in order to become a millionaire, you really need to embrace this concept by finding ways to create income streams. They spend their time setting up systems or purchasing investments that will produce income without much involvement, which allows them to spend their time creating additional income streams.

10 Ways to Become a Millionaire.

Every once in a while someone becomes an instant millionaire by getting lucky. They might inherit a bunch of dough, create a product instantly wins popularity contests, or hit the lotto. For most of us though, becoming a millionaire is hard work. It takes time, discipline and some patience.

But for those who are determined to retire young and retire rich, it can be done. And becoming a millionaire does not require a high income. While that helps, building wealth is ultimately the ability to manage your money properly.

Here are some tips to get you started today:

1. Reduce consumption and increase investments.
2. Create and stick to a budget.
3. Increase your financial IQ.
4. Make contributions into investment vehicles on a consistent basis.
5. Start a part-time business to increase income and take advantage of tax write-offs.
6. Surround yourself with like-minded people who believe and support your goals.
7. Find great CPAs and other trusted advisers.
8. Set short-term and long-term goals.
9. Make a commitment to become a millionaire.
10. Start now. Time is your friend when it comes to investing.

Making your first million dollars is the hardest, but it will never come if you don't take action. Continue to increase your financial literacy by subscribing and visiting financial websites, but don't get stuck in "analysis paralysis" mode. While the information on these websites, magazines and new related TV programs can be very valuable, the prescription to making money is actually very simple. It's just a matter of knowing the fundamentals and how to apply them.

41 Ways to Become a Millionaire

There are many ways to become a millionaire. The majority of average people that become rich do it through real estate, their own small business, the stock market, or are super salespeople. They are average in the way that they aren't any smarter than the average person or have any special talent or skill. What those ordinary people have that makes them millionaires and similar men on the street bums is they possess a different mindset, attitude, knowledge, persistence, and take consistent action. Yes, it's that simple. Some people that are reading this may have special talents and skills or are wondering what routes they can take to become a millionaire the following is a short list of 41 ways to become a millionaire. There are countless ways, if you want to become a millionaire; first you need to set your mind to it. Commit to it and ask yourself what price are you willing to pay or sacrifices you'll make to get there. Theres no free lunch or ride!

There is no such thing as get rich quick or get rich overnight. Those are scams; dont believe anyone that tells you that you can become a millionaire without knowledge and some work. To make it easier to get to where you want to go, find work that is fun and enjoyable. Do something that you love to do, so that it isnt work but play and fun. And never give up!

41 Ways to Become a Millionaire:

  • Real Estate (Mobile Homes, SFH, Commercial, Apartments, Duplexes)
  • Stock Market Investor
  • Own an Internet Business
  • Network Marketing (often referred to as MLM or multi-level marketing)
  • Write a New York Times Bestseller (can be fiction or non-fiction)
  • Become a celebrity (ex: movie star or comedian, top athlete, corrupt politician)
  • Sought after Surgeon (ex: heart, brain, etc.)
  • An extremely good lawyer (theres a bunch of starving lawyers out there)
  • Venture Capitalist
  • Mortgage/Note Investor (referred to as investing in Paper)
  • Small Business Owner
  • Franchise Owner
  • Marrying a millionaire
  • Movie Producer/director
  • Executive positions such as CEO, Treasurer, COO, CFO, etc. in large corporations
  • Collector of valuable antiques or paintings
  • Musician/rock star
  • Inheritance (very easy way, pick your parents carefully)
  • Start a Technology company to fill a demand/solve a problem etc.
  • Be a seminar/motivational speaker or guru
  • Sell Infomercial products
  • Forex or Currency trader
  • Commodities Trader
  • Option or stock day trader
  • Scientist (head scientist, not the assistant)
  • Own a Winning Sports Team
  • 5% of millionaires are super salespeople
  • Financial Advisors with wealthy clients
  • Coaches of Sports Teams
  • Gambling/Lottery or World Series of Poker Tournament
  • Inventor
  • Annuities Sales
  • Top TV Anchor or News reporter
  • Super Model
  • Fashion Designer
  • Famous song writer
  • Famous screenwriter
  • Consultant (any type of consultant, as long as youre in demand and clients are willing to pay big bucks for it)
  • Celebrity Trainer
  • Nascar racecar driver (wouldnt hurt to win it)
  • Betting on horse races (you might want to win the bet on that one too)

All of the above routes are just vehicles to use to become a millionaire. There are countless ways to become a millionaire. You can become a millionaire in almost anything, the key is leverage, work smart and come up with a solid business plan. Then work your plan dilligently and stay on course. Obviously you can't become a millionaire working for others; it's very rare, unless you're a top executive.

But don't worry, if you're working for someone right now you can still become rich. Are you young and in your twenties? You can invest a portion of your money every year (at least $2,000) into a secure investment that pays 10-12% a year and do it consistently for at least 25-30 years and you'll automatically become a millionaire by the time you retire. Anyone can save that little bit of money if you really have the will. Cut out magazine subscriptions, newspaper (read it online), eat out less often, rent movies instead going to see it, stop smoking, don't buy candy, etc.

You're probably thinking, "How am I going to find a safe investment that pays 10-12% interest a year?" Good question, because there's many investments out there that pay that kind of interest.

It's not buying stocks blindly and throwing your money in mutual funds or the stock market without any clue of what you're getting into. Most people lose money when they invest in stocks because they don't know anything about the market and just buy the stocks their broker recommends.

Examples of investments that pay 10-12% a year and are relatively safe are tax liens, mortgage notes, private loans to real estate investors backed by real estate, etc. And there are many more ways out there to find good investments. The key is to know where to look and what to look for.

Also, you need to educate yourself, by that I don't mean getting any more degrees. I mean an education in finance by reading more and learning from successful people by finding out what they do and where they invest. Go to seminars and workshops. Learn about trusts, estates, asset protection, life insurance, wealth strategies. It's well worth it if you can retire early with lots of money.


  • Unless you are the wealthiest person in the world, there will always be someone with more money than you; there will always be someone with less money than you.
  • Be prepared to make choices that are different than most people around you.
  • Keep riches and wealth in perspective i.e. don't kill the goose that lays the golden egg. In other words, avoid neglecting the source of the wealth e.g. decent health.
  • Money doesn't always buy happiness (but it can take care of almost everything else).
  • Never steal money. So don't get any ideas about robbing the bank.
  • Do not brag about how much money you have. Thieves will be more likely to target you. Consider investing in a means of personal defense such as a martial art or a firearm.


  • Don't use a credit card much, all of the excessive spending will come back to haunt you, and you may end up in debt. Try getting a debit card for daily purchases, they're a lot easier to deal with. Use your credit card only for emergencies, and to establish your good credit.
  • Try not to take any big loans, because that's "big" money that you'll just have to pay back, and you could end up in debt for that also.
  • Control your expenses. You get rich on the difference between that and what you make
  • Make it a game. Looking for opportunities to make money is supposed to be fun. Never sweat it.
  • Read. The more you know the more you will perceive to be possible, the more you can make.
  • Make it about something else than money. It has to be fun. Fair enough you are doing it to become financially well off but few wealthy get off on that alone.
  • Make friends with people who share the same goals and values. It will reduce your downtime, and give you pleasure when you are down.
  • Make friends with people who are different than you. They can be the greatest source of inspiration and guidance if you are open to their different perspective.
  • Help others. Learn to be a caring individual that makes the world better for people around yourself. It will lead to more positivity coming your way. Also, donating to charities can come back to you in the form of tax deductions.
  • Plan. Define what you want, Act on it, and Evaluate often to see how you are going.
  • It is OK to be cheap, but never be cheap on things that give you value.
  • Never invest more than you are willing to lose. This is particularly important when you start. The older and more experienced you get the less risk you are likely to take, or the better you are capable of taking it.
  • Think a lot on why you want to become rich, what exactly you want to buy, what lifestyle you want. Make it specific, and date your time for having it and why it matters to you.
  • Money represents value. You might come to the understanding that you make money on giving something that other value more than what they pay. You spend the money to get something that is more valuable.
  • If possible, make the maximum out your retirement fund provided either by your government or your work. Then proceed to put as much money in to an account like a Roth IRA.
  • Whoever said money can't buy happiness has never driven a sports car!
  • Money can never buy true happiness. Do not lose your friends and family over making money.

How to be a millionaire?

How to be a millionaire? You may be a bum wishing to have a million bucks, or you may be an aspiring young professional who wants to know if you are on the right path. Below are seven ways people become millionaires. Some are by pure luck but there’s no need to worry as others are based much less on chance and more on planning and wits. With some effort, you can have a big fat bank account one day too.

First and the easiest, Win the Lottery – Without a doubt, this is the quickest way to become a millionaire. I was in Vegas the other day, and there are a ton of ways to strike it big as well. The problem? Your chances are one in a billion. Good luck and start rolling the dice!

Be Innovative – Most people believe that the easy inventions are already out in the marketplace but yet, new gadgets come out every day. Ideas are everywhere, so get your thinking caps going. If you aren’t the thinking type, you can always…

Learn from Madoff – Of course, you will also be on the front page of every newspaper and be in jail for 150 years but at least your wife can enjoy a good life with money you stole from other people.

If you take this path btw, let me know so I can report you before you start.

Corporate Slave – Okay, this is the first way to be a millionaire while avoiding the headlines. Many high paid professionals end up with significant wealth built up. Of course, they get beaten up at work daily as they climb the corporate ladder and then pay obscene amounts of government taxes afterward, but hey – nothing is going to stop you from becoming a millionaire right?

Forget Million, I was Born a Billionaire – Parents are rich aint’ a crime right? Even if you aren’t born that way, you might get a second chance. Get adopted!

Marry Rich – If you go to any bars or restaurants that are within close proximity to high end neighborhoods, you will see many very attractive ladies at the bar. There are some fairy tales alright, but most die trying.

Save Your Ass Off Millionaire – You can keep trying, but this is exactly how most of us will become a millionaire. It’s not glamorous like winning the nodel prize but no one will bother you (that’s a good thing when you are wealthy) because no one will ever know you are rich either.

Since this is actually the most probable way of becoming a millionaire, I’ve outlined a few steps you can take.

  1. Stop Watching TV
    But everyone watches TV! Yes, couch potato the third, that’s why so few ever become millionaires. While you are watching TV, your competition, the more successful and the people you envy are all making money. Stop watching TV. In fact, cancel it if you always give in.
  2. Generate Some Income
    • Working smarter and harder at work – If you have to choose between the two, please err on the side of being smart. Be friendly and helpful to coworkers, know when you should work hard and when to say no to distractions.
    • Getting a Side Job – If you are earning less than $40,000 and trying to feed a family of four, you could probably write a book on money saving advice. Stop reading up on frugal living and write about it instead! Start your own business and earn more money!
  3. All the rubbish about a penny saved equal two pennies earned is incredibly true because pondering about that all day will save you exactly two pennies. If you ever want to save enough money to make your family proud, start earning some to begin with. This includes:

  4. Save Some Dough
    Alright, what I said in step one was misleading (it wouldn’t be the first time so stop complaining). After you have decent income coming in every month, you need to save at least some of it. How much? It all depends on how fast you want to become a millionaire. There’s no right or wrong answer. No pain, no gain my friend.
    Extra: What a tip? Start by resisting the temptation to improve your standard of living too quickly. It’s fun when you start going to fancier restaurants and living in bigger houses but there’s no going back (or at least without major pain). You can always go later. There’s really no rush.
  5. Investing It in Diversified Index Funds
    I keep telling everyone that I’m becoming an index fund convert. No, I’m not those that liked index funds from the get go or someone who lost a bunch of money in the stock market betting on individual securities. In fact, I made a small fortune in the stock market. However, it was risky, tiring, frustrating and stressful. I wanted a life. If you really want to be a millionaire, stick with index funds. You don’t need the crap and you don’t want to buy tissues after you bought Bear Sterns based on rumors that it was good value.

You are probably thinking right now – Tell me something I don’t know. Well, if you know everything already, why aren’t you a millionaire? Don’t be a smart bum that knows everything. Be a millionaire that got started reading and applying every common sense advice ever written.

Anyone can become a Millionaire by following a few simple steps

Becoming a millionaire isn’t all that difficult and there are countless ways to achieve that milestone. Some people do it through real estate, others start their own business, while some simply get lucky by winning the lottery or winning big on a game show. What is even more interesting is that you don’t have to be wealthy to begin with nor do you have to earn six figures to reach this goal.

I know some people who earn well over $100,000 and all they have to show for it is a large mortgage payment and a fancy car that depreciates faster than a glass of milk left outside in the summer sun. Anyone can become a millionaire and there are five things you need to do to have the best shot of making that a reality.

1. Earn Income.
Clearly, the more money you make, the faster you can reach that milestone, but that doesn’t mean your average Joe with a average income can’t obtain millionaire status. The current median income in this country ranges between $35,000-$60,000, depending on where you live. Better yet, get married so you have dual incomes. The wonderful thing about having dual incomes is that even with two people in the household, your income may double, but your expenses typically don’t.

If you don’t earn even an average income, all is not lost. It is up to you to do something about it. A negative attitude about your job or your earning potential won’t change anything. Be proactive and make the decision to improve your situation. It is your life, so take control and realize that things don’t change overnight. It may take a few years of slow growth before you reach the point where you want to be, but you can do it if you try. Remember, short of inheriting money from a relative or winning the lottery, you will need income to become a millionaire.

2. Live Within Your Means.
Ok, so you have income but now what? It doesn’t matter how much money you make if you spend it all or spend even more than you make. It might be nice to eat out at nice restaurants every night, or to always be on the cutting edge of designer fashion but, this will only make you feel like a millionaire. This doesn’t mean you have to live a miserable and miserly lifestyle, but you simply need to live reasonably.

Start by purchasing a home that you can comfortably afford and drive vehicles that suit your lifestyle without straining your budget. You don’t have to be pulling down $75,000 a year and drive a 1992 Civic Hatchback or live in a dump, but throwing your money at a 4,000 square foot home in a gated community with luxury cars or SUVs that cost as much as one year of your salary won’t help you become a millionaire. Some may argue that an expensive home and real estate in general is a good way to become a millionaire, but I will touch on that later.

3. Save Money.
This isn’t rocket science but if you earn a reasonable income and you live within your means, guess what, you will probably have money left over to save. The problem most people have is they put savings last, as an afterthought. People pay bills, buy things and then whatever is leftover they try to save. That is the wrong way to save. I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but pay yourself first. Whether it is $100 a month or $1,000 a month, think of the savings as a bill that needs to be paid and do it regularly. If you are unable to save money you will find that your only wealth is in the form of material things.

4. Invest Wisely.
Now that you are saving money, you need to invest it wisely. Sticking it under the mattress isn’t going to help you reach your goals any faster. You don’t have to read the Wall Street Journal or watch CNBC everyday while actively managing your portfolio in order to be a good investor. Some of the best investment advice is to simply buy and hold and to buy low and sell high.

It is also important to remember that real estate is part of your investment picture, but it shouldn’t be all of it. Too many people stake almost everything they have into a primary residence and expect it to appreciate in value. Just like any investment, generally speaking, over time you will make money. There isn’t much debate about that, but relying heavily on real estate is no different than if you rely on one stock to fund your retirement.

You can become a millionaire by simply buying a single stock and holding onto it for 20 years if it goes up significantly just like you can buy a home $500,000 home and have it double in value in 20 years. Take a lot of the risk out of the picture by making sure all of your eggs aren’t in the same basket and develop an investment strategy that will provide steady growth.

5. Stick With Your Plan.
If you have done the previous four items the only thing left to do is to continue doing it and stick to the plan. As far as income is concerned, always be on the lookout for ways to increase your income, whether it is through climbing the ladder at your current job, finding work elsewhere, or maybe even starting a business on the side. Increased income will mean you can save even more, provided you aren’t foolishly spending the additional money. As that additional money gets tucked away into savings or investments it will continue to grow even more quickly.

It Isn’t Hard to Do if You Work at It

Unfortunately, most people are looking for a way to get rich quick or to capitalize on the next big thing. It is true that some people have made their wealth through playing the real estate market, while others have done so by investing in a few stocks that exploded, but this is the exception and not the norm. If the above list seems overly simplistic, that’s good. There are no secrets to becoming a millionaire and almost anyone has the chance to make it happen. The process is simple:

1. Make money
2. Don’t spend all of your money
3. Save some money
4. Invest that money
5. Repeat

Certainly, there are many factors in play that can make this easier or more difficult for different people. This is simply the process that you can use in order to reach that goal, whether it is in 5 years or 50, if you follow a few basic steps you can do it.